Focus on new issues that occurred with in the Tunisian society after the revolution, the emergence of the Brotherhood (Islamic Party), its political and social impact, such as the customary marriage that Wanas seeks, where he considers polygamy as a legitimate and irrefutable matter.


The Dinner

Shortfilm Drama


Fekret Sami Fehri

Airs every Saturday night on Elhiwar Ettounsi TV, an entertainment Talk-Show hosted by Sami Fehri.


90 Minutes

Airs every Sunday on Elhiwar Ettounsi TV, hosted by Hedi Zaiem, an entertainment news show that includes coverage on the weekly cultural and musical events in Tunisia and interviews with active music, sports and social media celebrities.


Jeu dit tout

Airs every Thursday night on Elhiwar Ettounsi TV, an entertainment Tv show hosted by Amine Gara.


Omur Jedia

Aired every Tuesday night on Elhiwar Ettounsi TV, a prime time entertainment Tv show that includes challenge games and comedy sketches presented mostly by Karim Gharbi, Bassem Hamraoui and Wassim Herissi.


Kesmat Wkhayen

After their father died, Toutou is trying to con his half brother Hafnaoui out of his legal rights to heritage. Ahlem Fekih plays the role of Warda.


Awled Moufida

Moufida, Mother of 3 boys known for their bad reputations (Badr, Bayrem and Brahim), finds her lover, after twenty years, who wants to know who is his son among the three.

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